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ErgonomicsSimplified LLC was an idea begun out of frustration. As an Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist , and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist I routinely educate clients to how proper ergonomics are essential to their health and recovery. However, despite the patient's best efforts they would forget many key steps or changes we had discussed. There are just too many details that would fall through the cracks when they got back to their desk or home office.

I also became frustrated when patients would do their best to find good ergonomic solutions only to be sold some inferior item because they could not find unbiased advice or were overwhelmed by the thousands of choices. After seeing many hard working people spend the small amount of money they had on an improper chair or keyboard tray I decided to fix the problem myself. was born as a one-stop solution for people to learn how to use proper ergonomics and, if needed, make it easy for them to get the exact right product cheaply.

ErgonomicsSimplified was founded by Chris Sorrells OTR, CHT, CEAS. Over the last ten years I have rehabilitated and trained thousands of injured workers from the largest internet company to home office workers. As time goes on I have spent more and more time focusing on injury prevention and ergonomics as I realize if we as healthcare providers "cure" someone only to send them back to recreate the same injury again we are not helping them to the best of our ability.

My wife is a Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist. As a family we have dedicated our careers to helping others. We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

If you have a question or have taken the evaluation and are still not sure the best thing for you, drop us a line.

To your health,


Chris Sorrells OTR, CHT, CEAS
Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist
Occupational Therapist, Registered
Certified Hand Therapist

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