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Ergonomic Benefits to Companies

We can help you with one injured worker or help keep your entire staff healthy and injury free. Tell us your needs, we can help.

Our certified ergonomic specialists have worked with every type of employer from the largest internet companies, to law and accounting firms, and home office users as well. Honest, expert advice at no charge. No pressure or obligation to purchase any equipment. We even offer volume discounts if you do need to buy anything.

Ergonomics saves money. Can you afford NOT to address ergonomics?

  • Your bottom line:
  • The US Dept of Labor estimates that every $1 invested in safety and health programs can save $4-$6.
  • 1 in every 23 workers sustains a work related injury each year.
  • Half of these require time off from work.
  • Average non-surgical Carpal Tunnel Syndrome case costs $8,000-$12,000. When you include lost productivity, wages for the injured worker, replacement workers, etc. the cost is $16,000-$48,000.
  • Costs of Injuries to Employers:
  • Higher insurance premiums.
  • Medical & legal expenses.
  • Wages paid to employee during recovery.
  • Recruit & train replacements.
  • Administrative time & costs.
  • Decreased productivity & morale.
  • Productivity:
  • Proper ergonomics have been proven in numerous studies to increase productivity.


  • Businesses can be penalized under the OSHA general duty cause for ergonomic risks that are not addressed.
  • Some states, such as California, have regulations stating if more than one repetitive motion injury occurs the employer is required to evaluate a workstation, eliminate the risk or problem, and explain how the problem is being addressed.
  • Return on Investment(ROI) examples:
  • Using the low end of the numbers above, if you prevent one case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome your ROI on a top of the line $900 ergonomic chair would be greater than 25:1. (ROI= Benefits - Costs / Costs)
  • For an adjustable height keyboard tray it would be nearly 80:1.

Company keys to successful ergonomics:

  1. The more adjustable the equipment the better. This is especially true where more than one person uses the equipment.
  2. It is easier and cheaper to prevent the problem with good ergonomics than fix it later.
  3. Get managers involved. Show them how ergonomics saves money.
  4. Encourage employees to take short 20 second microbreaks every 30 minutes. They can stretch and change position while they are reading email, reviewing their work, or talking on the phone. Going to the fax machine, consulting with co-workers, and making phone calls are good ways to give your body a rest while still being productive. Research proves this makes them more productive, not less.
  5. Encourage workers to tell you about problems early, when they are easy to fix. If they feel they can't come to you when it starts bothering them you will end up only seeing them once they can't work anymore and the problem will no longer be quick or easy to fix.
  6. Contact experts for help. You are the expert on how to staff and run your business. We can help you with any questions, from justifying to management how a piece of equipment can save money, to OSHA or state regs, and simple ways to work with your employees. If you need it, we can even refer you to an independent consultant in your area that can help you on-site.

We are Multi-user specialists with chairs made to stand up to the demands of 24/7 use, keyboard trays that have dials to tell each user when the equipment is in the right position for them (no guessing!), monitor arms that allow easily movement of the screen when needed, and intuitive hardware that is easy to use. Employee buy-in is important. When workers see their employer cares enough to provide equipment that they can adjust to protect themselves and know how to use it correctly they get excited about ergonomics. And that means less injuries, less workers comp claims, less days off work, and therefore more money to your bottom line!!

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