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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you recommend __________ piece of equipment?

There are thousands of ergonomic products on the market. Unfortunately anyone can call their product ergonomic, whether it is truly a helpful product or not. The equipment recommended here has been shown, in the authors experience, to be the best answer to the common ergonomic problems discussed on this site. I am well versed on most of the equipment available, but if you feel there is a product missing here that would help drop me a line. We evaluate new products all the time.

How do you know what is best?

I have spent the last 10 years dedicated to treating and preventing work related injuries. I am an Occupational Therapist, a Certified Hand Therapist, and a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. I still treat patients in the clinic daily. In addition I have taught everywhere from the American Society of Hand Therapists national conference, to regional therapist groups, to industry, and to the public. You can read more about me in the About Us section.

I do a lot of illustration or design work. Are the recommendations the same?

Jobs such as computer illustration, drafting, and architecture can be unique situations. This starts as a good introduction to ergonomic principles. If you are using a Wacom tablet or other such device there are other changes you need to make. Due to all of the variables related to this you should consult a professional to help you. We can help you find an Ergonomic Evaluator in your area.

My doctor or therapist made a suggestion that is not included here. What do I do, who is right?

There is more than one way to minimize risk factors. The recommendations here are customized to fit what you are telling us about you, your symptoms, your job, and your workspace. Your situation, like everyone’s, is unique. If you tell us you have neck pain your recommendations will be completely different than someone that does not have neck pain. Your healthcare provider knows more than anyone else about your problem. Print and review our recommendations with your healthcare provider to discuss any questions you may have about your case. They can review with you how our recommendations can help or if your case has factors that make it different than what we discuss here.

Does ErgonomicsSimplified LLC provide on-site ergonomic training or evaluations?

Yes. We do provide on-site ergonomics services in certain areas. Contact us to discuss your needs. If you are in an area we do not service we will refer you to an ergonomic professional in your area.

What about shipping to Hawaii and Alaska?

Due to increased labor involved in shipping to these areas the shipping costs may be higher. If that is the case we will contact you to discuss the options before finalizing the order.

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