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Note to Healthcare Professionals

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This site was started as an easy way to increase proper follow through with ergonomics and allow workers to cheaply get only the most helpful equipment for their needs.

If you have no ergonomics experience you can let the client work through the free evaluation on their own. If you have educated your client to ergonomics this is a good resource to have them go back to their desk and run through so they don’t forget any important details. Have them run the evaluation after they make the changes you discussed. Review the print out of their personal recommendations to see areas they are still having trouble with or might have forgotten about.

If you are an Ergonomic Evaluator and would like to be included in our registry let us know. When someone contacts us that needs an onsite evaluation we may refer them to you.

(All evaluators are screened to ensure they are qualified.)

We invite comments and suggestions so if you think of a way to make the site better let us know! Our goal is to continually improve so we truly appreciate the input. This site was created by an Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. As practicing therapists we understand the concerns, perspectives, and needs of healthcare providers.

Please spread the word about us

Drop us an email and we will send you the website’s business cards that you can give to your clients. This helps them remember the website name but also reminds them to take the evaluation once they get back to their desk.

Together we can create healthy workers one at a time!

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