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18" In-Line Document Holder

VuRyte 18" Doc Holder

Look from papers to screen with less neck strain
Retail $59.95
Our price $47.95

14" In-Line Document Holder

Place anywhere at any angle

Available in 6 colors
Retail $54.95
Our price $41.65

Flat Panel Monitor Riser

1" Stackable riser

Stylish design raises flat monitors up to reduce neck strain
Retail $7.95
Our price $7.95
1" Standard Monitor Riser

VuRyte 1" Stackable riser

Reduces neck strain
Retail $7.95
Our price $6.95
2" Standard Monitor Riser

VuRyte 2" Stackable riser

Correct screen height = less neck strain
Retail $9.95
Our price $8.86
2" Extra-wide Monitor Riser

Raise monitors, printers, fax machines, & office machines

Supports up to 60#
Retail $15.95
Our price $14.44

Heated Footrest and Heater

Stay warm, stay comfortable while working

Switches from heated footrest to upright heater
Retail $49.99
Our price $39.00

Cozy Legs Under Desk Leg Warmer - Radiant Heat Panel

Stay warm, stop hunching over shivvering at work

Safe, energy efficient
Retail $48.00
Our price $45.99

Rolling Laptop Bag

Reduce neck, shoulder, & back strain by rolling your laptop instead of carrying it

Retail $99.99
Our price $106.00

Rolling Laptop & Overnight Bag

Travel without the neck & back ache

Ideal for business trips
Retail $129.99
Our price $95.00

Ergo-Comfort Read-Write Copy Stand

Raising papers minimizes neck strain

Retail $48.00
Our price $34.00

5" High Adjustable Footrest

Reduce strain on your back, improve posture, increase circulation.

Moves easily with you.
Retail $43.00
Our price $36.00

8"High Adjustable Footrest

Reduces load on low-back, improves circulation, aides proper posture

Retail $48.00
Our price $40.00
Tall industrial footrest
Tall Footrest

Adjusts from 5.5" to 15" high

Retail $ 166.00
Our price $ 125.00

Rocker Footrest

Supports while letting you move

Improves circulation, aides low back stress, improves posture
Retail $47.00
Our price $39.95

Stress-Buster Massaging Footrest

Provide support, relax your feet

Retail $63.00
Our price $54.00
Memory foam backrest
Memory Foam Backrest

Low-profile, soft design provides support without overdoing it.

Retail $40.00
Our price $39.00
Lumbar cushion
Memory Foam Lumbar Support

Conforms to fit you, supports the small of the back

Retail $35.00
Our price $25.00
Full height backrest
Full Height Backrest

This backrest helps provide support and compensate for chairs that are too deep

Retail $ 52.00
Our price $ 45.00

Monitor Arms

Frees up desk space, positions screen where needed, & moves out of the way. Arrange screen for you to see, to show others, and out of way to talk across desk.

Retail $430.00-475.00
Our price $245.00-283.10

Contour Backpack

Shifts weight to your hips from the shoulder and neck.

Adjustable lumbar support, contoured padded straps reduce strain to neck and shoulders.
Retail $69.99
Our price $69.99

Goldtouch Go! Notebook & Tablet Stand

Work safely with your laptop

Raises the screen to a healthier height
Retail $ 65.00
Our price $ 29.00 - 49.00

Ergo Desk

Places reading and writing materials at an angle to decrease neck strain, eyestrain, and straighten your posture

Retail 249.00
Our price 249.00
ARMazing arm rest pads
ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Pads

These memory foam pads slip over your armrests to provide cushion and comfort

Great for cubital tunnel and other elbow problems
Retail 39.95
Our price 34.95
Mouse palm rest
Wrist rests for Keyboards & Mouse

Gel & Memory Foam Palm rests

Increased comfort for typing or mousing
Retail $24
Our price $15.00
Sit to stand with Monitor Arm
Sit to Stand Combo

This pairing of our sit-to-stand keyboard tray with our easy to adjust monitor arm allows you to switch positions resting tired muscles

Retail $ 866.00
Our price $ 507.00
Goldtouch Blue Palm Pads
Goldtouch Gel Filled Palm Supports

Provide a safe resting spot for hands when not typing.

Made to work ideally with adjustable keyboards such as the Goldtouch
Retail $ 19.95
Our price $ 19.95
Blue Goldtouch Mouse Platform
Goldtouch Mousing Platform

Unique shape with gentle slope and contour minimizes risky postures and contact stresses

Retail $ 21.95
Our price $ 21.95

LED - Desk Light

LED Desk Lamp with articulating arm

Retail $ 370.00
Our price $ 205.00

Dual Monitor Arm

Comfortably adjust each screen to the desired height to take stress of the neck and improve posture.

Retail $596.00
Our price $357.60

Ergonomic Foot Rest

Comfortably raises the leg to provide rest & healing of injured or swollen leg

Retail 278.00
Our price 166.80
Mobile Keyboard Bundle
Travel Ergo Keyboard & Notebook Stand

Adjustable keyboard and notebook stand to work comfortably anywhere!

Retail 128.00
Our price 115.00
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