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Ergo Desk

Devised by an eye doctor to alleviate posture-induced eyestrain.

The ergonomically correct position for reading and writing is before an inclined surface. Monks who had to spend hours every day hand-lettering manuscripts knew this. So did Benjamin Franklin, professional artists, draftsmen, and writers down through the ages. When the body is properly aligned, the eyes function easier without stress. When the eyes aren't straining, postural tension and accompanying fatigue lessen.

Use your Ergo Desk for reading, writing, taking notes while on the phone, propping up materials by your computer and virtually every other task you now perform on a flat desktop. You'll be amazed at the difference a few inches of incline will make.


  1. Posture-perfect writing surface. Slanted writing surface reduces neck, upper back and shoulder tension by creating an upright, balanced posture.
  2. Pencil, paper ledge. Low-profile ledge at base holds pencils, keeps papers and files in place.
  3. Collapses for quick portability. The Ergo Desk folds up in seconds for taking anywhere. Easily adjustable to 4 angles (ranging from 15 to 22 degrees) for personalized comfort.
  4. Handy storage area. Store books and papers under the writing surface. Ergo Desk actually creates more space on your desk!

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