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Ergonomic Foot Rest

This ergonomic foot rest works better than any other product to raise an injured or swollen foot and leg.  This has a 3" height range on an easy to adjust pneumatic cylinder (13-16" high).  A memory foam layer and tilting pad make this easily the most comfortable way to raise & support the leg.  The total pad side is 19 wide & 18" deep. 

Because these are custom made for each order they are not returnable.  So, just make sure you have room for the size of the pad and you will love it!

The taller version has a taller cylinder to raise the height from 14.3 - 18.5" for taller individuals or more elevation.  If you aren't sure how high you want click Contact Us on the left menu and we can help you.

Available in Basic Black or Matrix extra breathable mesh fabric (as shown in picture.)

Version shown on this page

Retail: 278.00

Our Price: 166.80

Product Item Number Price Qty
Ergo Foot Rest/Elevator CLFTBlack $166.80
ErgoFoot Rest.Elevator - Matrix CLFTGd5Matrix $185.90
Ergo Foot Rest/Elev TALLER 4 CLFT4incylinderBlack $186.80
Ergo Foot Rest/Elev Taller 4 Matrix CLFTGd5Matrix $205.90

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