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Goldtouch Go! Notebook & Tablet Stand

Turns your notebook into an ergonomic workstation anywhere you go.

Hunching over a laptop to see the screen creates strain on the neck and shoulders. Do you get neck strain using your notebook? 
Positions notebook screen higher to reduce neck torque and increase comfort. Accomodates notebooks up to 17".  Adjusts to 6 different settings for proper height.  Open design ensures ventilation helping prevent overheating. No need for an external monitor.
Available in Graphite and Black Composite.

Retail: $ 65.00

Our Price: $ 29.00 - 49.00

Product Item Number Price Qty
Goldtouch laptop stand - Graphite KOV-GTLS-0055 $49.00
GT Laptop Stand Black Composite GTLS-0077U $29.00

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