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Sit to Stand Combo

Experts agree that changing positions often is the best thing you can do to stay healthy.

No matter how ergonomically you are positioned your body is not designed to stay in one position for long periods.  Our bodies are designed for motion.  By utilizing a keyboard tray and monitor arm that allows you to easily and quickly change from one position to the other you can do this.  This is especially good for your low back.  Our Mongoose 2 keyboard arm has a height gauge so you can arrange it at the same level every time you move.

Keyboard tray adjusts 8.5" above mounting surface and 5.9" below.  It also has tilt of +10 to -15 degrees to better align your wrists.  21" glide track.

Monitor arm adjusts 17"in height and 23"extended reach to bring close to you effortlessly.  Attaches to desk simply with clamp (Bolt through mount available upon request.)

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