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Stand-UP Tray

Sit to stand tray includes both scissoring tray and keyboard arm to attach to desk.

Retail $ 735.00
Our price $ 441.00

PT 78-5, KR200 arms, 6" cyl

River City Office Supply

Retail 0.00
Our price 475.20

Beverly's Order

Dual Monitor Arm & Vertical Mouse

Volume discount applied
Retail 705.95
Our price 449.55

SWN Tall Foot Rests

Volume discount on Adjustable Tall Footrests

Retail 166.00
Our price 120.00

Lianne Additional Charges (Canada Shipping)

Retail 193.00
Our price 193.00

LGS Chair (Florida)

YS89 Mesh Chair

Retail 458.00
Our price

Fuss Chair

Custom ergo chair

Our price

Fischer Stool

High Back Healthy Stool

with Revised Shipping Cost (as quoted)
Our price $390.oo

AK Shipping

Keyboard tray shipping

Retail 57.00
Our price 57.00

Bjorn's Chair

Zesta 98 in Evita Leather

Retail 1227.00
Our price 613.50 + tax/Shipping

Moynihan Mesh Chair

Mesh chair for Westminster locaiton

Our price 503.55

Corner Wedge Only

Our price 57.00

Ruth's Chair re-purchase

Our price

Arbor Keyboard Trays

Retail 1569.00
Our price 817.26

Select Chairs

13 Total Chairs

Our price 5235.53

LGS Clemmer Chair Nov15

LGS Chair

Our price 513.55

IU76HD Taller Cylinder

Will add 4" to seat height

Retail $100
Our price $50
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