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Goldtouch V2 Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard

Industry leading ergo keyboard

Works with PC & Mac. Newly updated!
Retail $119.95
Our price $ 99.00-105.00

Kinesis Freestyle with VIP accessory

Complete adjustability - split the halves, angle them, tent them to reduce forearm twisting, and support the wrists!

Retail $ 139.00
Our price $ 130.00

Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

Split & Adjustable

The only keyboard that allows you to seperate the keyboard halves for ideal positioning
Retail $ 99.00 - 139.00
Our price $ 99.00- 139.00
Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard with numpad on left
Evoluent Mouse-Friendly Keyboard

Great for office and travel

PC or Mac
Retail $59.95
Our price $54.95
Essentials Compact Keyboard
Evoluent Full Feature Compact Keyboard

This keyboard reduces strain on the neck/shoulders by getting the mouse closer and decreasing reach

Retail 49.95
Our price 49.95
The Goldtouch ErgoSuite
Goldtouch ErgoSuite

The complete ergonomic package including Evoluent Vertical Mouse

In black or white, Specify Left or Right handed mouse
Retail $300.85
Our price $289.00
Kinesis Freestyle Ascent
Freestyle Ascent Multi-tent Accessory

Maximum adjustability, you decide how high the angle is

Retail 199.00
Our price 199.00
Kinesis Advantage Black
Kinesis Advantage Keyboard

Advanced state of the art ergonomics

In black or white, PC/Mac switchable
Retail $299.00
Our price $269.10
Goldtouch Seperate Numeric Pad - White
Goldtouch Separate Numeric Pad

Separate Gouldtouch numeric keypad

Retail $60.00
Our price $50.00 - 55.00
Matias 508 Two Handed Typing
Matias 508 Keyboard

Full size keyboard that allows one-handed or two-handed typing.

In black, PC or Mac
Retail $595.95
Our price $595.95
Matias Half Keyboard
Matias Half Keyboard

For those using only one hand from injury or to increase productivity

In black, PC or Mac
Retail $595.95
Our price $595.95
Flexible Keyboard - Black
Flexible Keyboard

Roll up and take with laptop, water/dust proof

In black or white, PC only
Retail $29.95
Our price $23.95
Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Keyboard
Kinesis Maxim

Kinesis Maxim

Retail $ 139.00
Our price $ 125.00
Mini keyboard
Mini Keyboard

This shorter keyboard reduces reduces reach to the mouse (which reduces stress on your neck and shoulder)

Retail 24.95
Our price 24.95
Goldtouch combo
Goldtouch Keyboard & Comfort Mouse Bundle

The perfect bundle to upgrade your working comfort

Retail $ 149.00
Our price $ 149.00
Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard
Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard

Travel keyboard adjusts for angle and pitch to reduce strain

Retail 119.00-139.00
Our price 99.00-119.00

Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Great for Tablets!! Works with Bluetooth Mac & PC tablets, smartphones, notebook, internet connected TV, & other smart devices

Retail 49.00
Our price 39.00
Goldtouch Mouse Bundle
Goldtouch Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

Ergonomic keyboard and Comfort Mouse

Retail 149.00
Our price 138.00
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