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Sit to Stand Desks

Ergonomists often say "The next position is the best position". I don't know who first said it, but they were right. Although there are positions that we know are safer to work in than others our bodies were not made to stay in any position for hours on end. Our bodies work best with motion and frequent position change. This is especially true when it comes to our backs. While most of us recognize this is ideal few people actually take the time to change positions much during the day.

In the last few years this has become possible with the invention of sit to stand desks. These allow you to change from a seated to a standing position allowing you to stretch, relax muscles, and increase circulation. Some of these can be programmed to move from sitting to standing with the single press of a button while others save money by the use of a simple hand crank.

If you have back pain this desk was designed for you! People with low back pain are the users who love these desks the most. You can change positions before you feel the pain.

Standing while working also increases energy and decreases mental fatigue thereby increasing productivity. This is especially true right after lunch or that 3 PM energy drain so many of us experience. Standing is re-energizing so you can actually concentrate instead of staring at the screen mindlessly.

Standing meetings are becoming ever more popular as people realize they are get more done in shorter periods of time. With a sit to stand desk you can share data, presentations, and graphs all from your normal computer!

These are also ideal for jobs that have more than one person using the workstation because they are so adjustable. When each worker can adjust the desk to fit them properly less injuries result.

When we are asked what the "perfect office" would look like there is no question this would be the desk to use. Imagine how good you would feel if you could easily change your position several times a day while still remain productive!

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